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Structural Engineering Project - ICRMP Building

ICRMP Building

The ICRMP BUILDING (Idaho Counties Reciprocal Management Program Building) is a 43,715 sf structure designed by Dennis Fitzgerald, a local architect with ARCHITECTURAL ALLIANCE. It is an aesthetically pleasing combination of curved glass curtain walls, giant brick end walls, and stair towers utilizing semicircular glass block end elements.

The floors are framed using composite steel beams and concrete slabs over steel formdeck. The lateral force resisting system consists of giant brick and concrete shear walls.


This structure was an interesting project involving several design challenges, including cantilevering the top three stories 14'-0" out over the rear access drive, and stepping the roof diaphragm to accommodate architectural lighting bands.

Projected cost of the building was in the area of $2,400,000.

ICRMP Building


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