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Surveying Project - Wye Interchange

Wye Interchange

The Idaho Transportation Department undertook a long-term project to reconstruct a major interchange system on I-84 and I-184 in Boise, Idaho. The $50 million project, then the most expensive state construction project, was completed in 2004.

Involved in the early stages of design, BRIGGS ENGINEERING, Inc., provided surveying services for the WYE INTERCHANGE RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT in 1988. The surveying was afforded to MK Centennial Engineering, Inc., the design engineers for the Idaho Transportation Department.

BEI furnished general topographic surveying geodetic surveying for the location of section and quarter-section lines tied to the highway and structure locations, development of a coordinate system for the entire project, staking of design centerlines and property-taking lines, detailed topography of existing elements (houses, sidewalks, fences, ditches, pipelines, utility lines, etc.) and the establishment of control points for construction surveying.

We also prepared legal descriptions for property-takes and for the boundaries of the highway right-of-way.


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