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Civil Engineering


Civil engineering is one of the principal emphases of Briggs Engineering, Inc. Our professionals have long-term, broad experience with the complex issues which dominate their work. They are knowledgeable in environmental protection, government agency policy and development goals, various building codes, and numerous reviews and processing procedures.

Our engineers' widely varied experience includes projects in all types of terrain, scale, land uses and jurisdictions for both private and governmental sector clients.

Areas of civil engineering focus here at Briggs Engineering have included:

  • Erosion/Sediment Control
  • Irrigation System Design (Pressure and Gravity)
  • Street Design
  • Storm Drainage
  • Sewer (Pressure and Gravity)
  • Water (Supply and Distribution)

BEI's civil engineering staff is responsible for turning the imaginary into reality. In the early stages of a project, they provide conceptual studies to insure success. During the preliminary phase, our engineers analyze various alternative plans to determine feasibility and cost efficiency. State-of-the-art computer technology is used to facilitate timeliness in the completion of all our projects.

Among the vast array of civil engineering projects our team has performed are:

  • Military Facilities
  • Major and Minor Subdivisions
  • Residential Developments
  • Building Site Developments
  • Communications Facilities
  • Airports and Related Facilities
  • Institutional Facilities (Corporate, Educational, Medical and Governmental)
  • Industrial Parks
  • Shopping Centers


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